SF86 Correction

Is it too late to ask my FSO if I can make minor correction to my submitted SF86 form after it had been submitted last week? This is a minor correction to something I had already reported on my sf86.


SF86C is another thing you can fill out and email as a PDF. No guarantee that the FSO will forward to investigator but it is something good for showing that you tried to submit this to an FSO when your investigator meets with you. Make sure it is signed and dated properly.

As long as it is minor it would not be an issue. I think it is early enough to ‘Remember’ bigger things that needs to be disclosed too. Not saying that would be good or will 100% be mitigated, but earlier the better to get information updated/fixed. Your case has not even been opened yet so just fill out the question and send it in.

Appreciate your advice!

I called my FSO today to let him know exactly what the correction is. He says it’s a non issue. I sent email to myself for record in case anything comes back. I actually did not think it would be an issue but I am very knit picky to the point that all my “I”s are dotted, “T”s are crossed, and my “O”s are a perfect circle.

If you have any other suggestions please let me know.

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Well good news!

That is a good mindset for this process to include everything. Now you can join the waiting line with the rest of us :wink:

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