Mistake on SF86


I just realized I accidentally used one of my “knows me well references” as a point of contact for living verification. How can I fix this after I already submitted the SF86? Is this going to hurt me? Does it change anything that the reason for SF86 is to work for NBIB?


Don’t worry about it.


If the client didn’t kick it back to the FSO to correct it, you are fine. The BI person MAY ask for a separate reference to get a wider perspective of who you are and how you live life. I defer to BI above on conduct of the actual investigation.


If it is kocked back, then what?


Then you correct it and the process moves on . . . People make mistakes all of the time and this seems like a pretty simple, easy to make, error that doesn’t involve anything factual.


We spend hours with two sets of eyes going over SF86’s. We still miss basic items here and there and get them kicked back on occasion. We call for corrections and resubmit.


It would appear to me that I am hyper sensitive then as of right now. Is this true for all new investigators/special agents?