Fixing Mistakes on SF86 - Assistance

Hi all,

I’m new to the federal world and recently just accepted a role with a government agency and I’m in the process of getting a Secret Clearance. I completed my SF86 earlier this month and made 2 accidental mistakes on my SF86 and need assistance on how best to proceed?

The mistakes are I did not include my girlfriend (who I live with) as a cohabitant and did not list an Alcohol Citation (Local Ordinance Infraction) for having alcohol on a public beach that occurred 9 years ago. (I had 2 other alcohol offenses from 10+ years ago that I listed). I remembered about the incident a week after I submitted the SF86 and realized I needed to include it.

I’ve since reached out to the security person I’m dealing with to make him aware of these 2 mistakes and also contacted a lawyer. The security person said since the investigation is already in process I’ll need to hang tight on addressing any errors and bring it up with the investigator when he contacts me.

My questions is…will documenting this early on that I know I made a mistake by accidentally not including it mitigate the issue? AND will I be given an opportunity to explain myself in the interview and revise my SF86?

Has anyone experienced a similar issue?
Thanks for any help and input!

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bring up these issues during your Subject interview - minor delay unless the cohab is from a hostile country.


People make mistakes all of the time . . . Write up both incidents now and add anything else that you think about before your interview. When you go in for your interview, bring this up before anything else. It shouldn’t be a problem.

Thanks for both of your input. I did just receive word that I was denied the Interim Clearance from something on the SF86…have to wait to be fully cleared to start which could take 6 months - 1 year. Still have not been contacted by the investigator.