Updating SF 86 Ahead of Spouse's Investigation

I currently hold DOD SECRET clearance at civilian Navy contractor. My wife was recently accepted for a job at same company pending investigation. Since my original SF 86 submittal I married my wife, moved, and have been arrested for DUI. I never updated my SF 86, in the case of the arrest because the file was expunged and I have no arrest record. Now that I am reviewing her form I think I was unclear on the form requirements and, although I have no arrest record per se, the incident should have been indicated. Should I update my forms prior to her investigation to protect my clearance?

Your explanation of your situation was a bit confusing, but if I read it correctly, you had an investigation completed, were granted a Secret clearance, and since then married and were arrested for DUI. If this is correct then you have some issues to resolve. As a clearance holder you should have reported any change in marital status and any arrests/charges regardless of the outcome. I would advise you contact your security officer and report these immediately.

Your read of the situation seems correct. I delayed reporting the DUI until I had a full picture of the legal issues but once it was fully resolved I was under the impression I didn’t have to report it. Now that I am reviewing my wife’s forms I believe that was incorrect and plan to talk to my company’s security office tomorrow morning. What do you think the prognosis for a lapse like this is. I’ve researched impacts of a DUI and all mitigating factors are favorable. I just forgot to report it.

If the DUI is a one time lapse in judgment with other alcohol related issues, and you voluntarily go forth and report it, then it will probably be mitigated.

Should have shown as " no other alcohol related issues"

Thank you for your input Marko. It’s an isolated incident for sure, I was just afraid the lapse in time (while unintentional) could be a detrimental. I didn’t want to find myself in a catch 22.