Disclosing Required Information on the SF-86

With the recent scrutiny on the quality of investigations and incidents involving clearance holders, increased focus will also be on applicants and current clearance holders when they fill out the SF-86 during the investigation or periodic update process. Previously, when an individual failed to disclose information on the SF-86 it was quite often written off as discrepant information that was not a deliberate attempt to deceive. However, investigators have now been instructed to hone in on these non-disclosures to see if they truly were due misunderstanding or forgetfulness, or was it because of a fear in not getting retaining a clearance because of derogatory information.

The best thing to do is to read each question carefully and think about what it is asking and the time period it is asking, and then answer on the side of caution, meaning disclose information even if it may not specifically apply. Better to be up front about it rather than have to explain why you did not disclose something that was required resulting in the appearance of being dishonest.

I know a civilian in the Army who got a DUI conviction recently. She has I think some level of security clearance. Should she notify her supervisor before her next formal annual review takes place? She has no other black marks and is highly regarded by peers, colleagues and superiors. Thx in advance for any cogent thoughts.

All clearance holders are responsible for immediately reporting any potentially adverse information to their security officer, and a DUI definitely falls within that criteria. Most think they can wait until the court disposition if charged with a violation but this is not true. I advise the individual report it immediately.

Several months passed between the offense and the plea bargain (case resolved in March 2014). She still has not advised her supervisor, having wanted to get thru a critical phase of work first, for which she was responsible. Did she blow it already? Will she be fired now? Thx for your inital response

Yes, the fact that she has not yet reported it does not weigh in her favor, but she should immediately take the initiative and report it ASAP. This will help in the long run and ensure she is able to retain her clearance, although it may be suspended while the information Is being reviewed.

And this is the problem with self reporting… There really should be some sort of major penalty for failing to report, like immediate clearance suspension pending an investigation. Unfortunately there is often little repercussions for failing to self report.