Underage drinking and security clearance

Hello all,

I submitted my sf86 back in November of 2016 and I have been freaking out about two minor in possessions of alcohol I got about 4-5 years ago. Of course I listed both of them on my sf86 and explained what happened and how one of them was dropped from my record. Will these two offenses affect my ability to gain an interim or full security clearance? These are the only negative things on my sf86, clean record otherwise. Any info is appreciated.

Thank you

It might for the CIA.

Elsewhere, probably not.

If you were honest…I doubt it. Expunged charges must still be listed and I have seen lack of candor charges on clearance packages when people claim they misunderstood the requirement. Over report instead of under report. Youthful indiscretion can cover just about any misdemeanor. Time of course mitigates it if the applicant matured and showed remorse for the stupidity, even if remembered fondly.