Failure to add 2 alcohol related incidents

I recently submitted my SF-86 to renew my secret security clearance. However, I did not add two incidents that involved alcohol. One was 31 years ago and the other was 21 years ago. The first one was when I was young in the military and lost driving privileges on base for 3 months. The second was a reckless driving incident.

I had my interview with the investigator and he brought them up. I said I did not add them as I thought it was only a 7 year window that they reviewed. I also told him that I really did not remember them as they were so long ago. Do you think my clearance will be renewed or because of not disclosing them will it be denied. I have a total of 35 years with military and government with many awards and promotions. No others issues

Have you had a clearance for 35 years consecutively? Did both incidents occur while you were cleared? Are there any other issues present?

I ask those questions because if you have never disclosed those two incidents and were required to over the course of your cleared history then that may be an issue. Another way of looking at the situation is - if those are the only two dings in your past they will likely not be developed as material due to passage of time… There are too many unknowns to give an informed opinion…

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yes my clearance has been consecutively. I have no other issue in my past. Have a very clean and productive work history other than the two issues.

Lost driving privledges on base due to alcohol - DUI, right? Reckless driving incident involving alcohol was a plea deal to a DUI charge, right?

If I’m right, two DUI’s unreported over the course of 20+ years isn’t good in my opinion…like I stated before you have passage of time in your favor… tough call.

Thanks I appreciate all comments. I just don’t k ow what to do next

No problem, good luck.

Here’s the question . . . These issues happened 30 years ago. You should have been reinvestigated a few times since these incidents occurred. Every ten years or more often than that. Were they never brought up before? Why are they surfacing now?

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They were never brought up before. I forgot all about them until the investigator brought them up. It’s so long ago I don’t even remember details of the events. It really surprised me that he asked. I love my work and really don’t know what happens next

I would think that your clearance will be renewed but you might have a little bit of work to do. It makes no sense, to me, that these never came up before. Start building whatever documentation you can for both incidents and be prepared to present these to the investigator. The idea that they never came up in prior investigations makes a pretty good defense for the fact that you didn’t disclose them this time, but they will ask why you didn’t disclose them previously. Be prepared with responses. Don’t try to hide anything. Retaining, or consulting with an attorney who does clearance work isn’t a bad idea. Most will do a free consultation.

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Thank you. The investigator already came by last week. At the top me he brought it up I said I did not remember many if the details as it was so long ago. Should I contact him again?

Did he ask you for anything? Did he make comments when you said you didn’t remember details?

He just said “well if you don’t remember then there is no need to go through all the questions

@comhats6 You should have asked to redo your SF-86 and then cited the fact that west wing employees get that luxury!

Is it wise to call the investigator and ask if he needs any other information

What other information can you give? You said you don’t remember anything due to passage of time.

Your right Dave. I am grasping at straws. I was just gonna write a letter basically saying that the issues were so long ago I forgot about them and can’t remember the details.

Really appreciate all the responses. I have been on edge since the interview

I understand. At this point the alcohol related incidents aren’t the issue since so much time has passed. However, an adjudicator may be concerned with the fact that you didn’t disclose the incidents on prior sf-86’s…

Personally, I think you’ll be fine if all is as you say (no other issues). Here’s the plus side - you’re likely eligible for retirement so if they do try to revoke you just turn in your walking papers…

My advice is to gather information and wait. The investigator hasn’t asked you for anything. He still might. An adjudicator may request more information. They may issue an SOR listing the reasons that they want to deny your clearance.

In any of those circumstances, you want to be able to provide as much information as you can. Think about when and where these occurred. Who was with you? What do they remember? What comes back to you? Contact the base and even your military branch and see if there is any record? Consult with a lawyer who is experienced with clearance issues. Most will offer a free consult. Information and honesty are your two best weapons here.

The systems really isn’t set up for you to have input after your SF-86. They have to come to you looking for more information.

Thank you. Should I go to my FSO and let let know if the issues

You can let them know but there is little, if anything, that they will be able to do at this time.