Secret Clearance and up for Re-Investigation

Hi I currently have a secret clearance since January 2007. In late 2005 I got a DUI and reported all details on SF86 and received a clearance. In July 2007 I got arrested for felony possession of a controlled substance and DUI. I was legally prescribed Pain medicine for a back injury. I brought my prescription to court and the prosecutor threw out that charge. I still plead guilty to misdemeanor DUI, now my 2nd. Since the incident over 7 years ago I have had no re-occurrences and go to AA. I was immature then and only 25 years old. Im now 32 and Since then I have gotten married, promoted twice, and no incidents. During the reinvestigation in a couple years am I at risk of losing my clearance? Thanks.

Note: I was young and stupid and a different person 7.5 years ago. My other concern is I notified my boss of the 2nd DUI which happened after I already had a secret clearance. She simply asked what was gonna happen and I said 3 days in a hotel for a court required course over a weekend and probation. She said I’m glad you took care of it. She quit shortly after and never reported it further, I found out this year I should have reported to a security official. I don’t see a point now 7.5 years later. Will this also hinder my re-investigation at the 10 year mark. I’ve turned my life around, and was 25 and dumb.

You should have reported the felony arrest and second DUI to your security office as required. Drug, alcohol and felony questions are “ever” questions on the sf-86. Even though they happened “so long ago” in your mind, your failure to report the incident is going to make it so much worse for you. If I were you I’d be sitting down with my security office ASAP.

Yes my point is I did report it to my boss who didn’t do anything. I just found out now 7 years later I should have reported to security official vs. Boss. The felony charge was idiotic as I was prescribed the pills and tossed out. I still believe my promotions, passage of time, maturity, and explanation should suffice.

I just checked court docket, shows nothing about felony, shows 1 misdemeanor dismissed, 1 misdemeanor found guilty of. I guess I was only charged with a misdemeanor then

I’m guessing you might be in the military but if not and you are a contractor, then it could have a ramification on your employment if you report it now however; if you answer the questions on your 86, truthfully and then most likely talk to an investigator, from what you have said you should be okay for your reinvestigation….and if you are a contractor just tell the FSO what had previously happened and that you did report it to your supervisor…

but regardless, as contractor said, the ever question of being arrested for a felony, should be “yes” even though it’s not on your docket or record…