Secret Re-Investigation coming soon

Hi I currently have a secret clearance since January 2007. In late 2005 I got a DUI and reported all details on SF86 and received a clearance. In July 2007 I got arrested for felony possession of a controlled substance and DUI. I was legally prescribed Pain medicine for a back injury. I brought my prescription to court and the prosecutor threw out that charge. I still plead guilty to misdemeanor DUI, now my 2nd. Since the incident over 7 years ago I have had no re-occurrences and go to AA. I was immature then and only 25 years old. Im now 32 and Since then I have gotten married, promoted twice, and no incidents. During the reinvestigation in a couple years am I at risk of losing my clearance? Thanks.
Note: I didn’t know I needed to report to security official 7.5 years ago. I told my boss who said do the 3 day hotel and don’t let it happen again . She quit shortly after and i doubt ever reported it. Had I known I would of back then but don’t see a point now 7.5 years later. After near 10 years of no incidents, promotions, and good work, will I have to worry about losing clearance at Re-investigation. Sorry for long message please help.

Correction. At least according to Court dockets I was only charged with misdemeanors. I guess they never charged me with the pills, probably due to me bringing a valid prescription to court after arrest and them realizing it was legit