Adjudicated Clearance Rehire

Hello, about two months ago I was informed I was determined secret eligible after I send in a response to an LOI several months prior. As a result I am now being rehired by my former employer. I wanted to know if there was any risk of the clearance being held up again or receiving a second letter once I update my eqip. I haven’t done anything wrong- just adding the period of unemployment and my temp job and the FSO said I should correct a typo I made previously (part of the reason I was issued an LOI). Has anyone heard of an issue like that happening?

I am surprised you are having to fill out another SF86 since your were already granted eligibility. My guess is that the FSO is just reviewing the form to see if anything new has popped up since the last investigation closed. If you don’t have any new issues you should be good to go.

Thanks for the response!
It seemed odd to me too, but I figured she knew something I didn’t. Mostly I was confused when she phrased it as “starting my EQip from scratch.”