Are we allowed to ask if interim approved or denied?

For context I submitted SF86 5/26
Completed drug test + fingerprints + additional information that was requested by the person who sent me the SF86 link.
I still have not heard anything about interim nor have I been contacted by any investigator.
Am I allowed to ask if Interim was denied ?

If interim is not granted, you might just be labeled as “eligibility pending”. Means no interim, but you were also not denied a clearance.

From what I’ve seen, and I am just a lowly AFSO, eligibility pending personnel have to wait a few additional months while the investigation moves along. There might be additional info you have to supply.

You could reach out to your FSO/Security Manager and see if they have any additional info on your status, wouldn’t hurt.

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Thank you for the response, one thing that I haven’t been able to find a lot of info is that I got an “Additional information Required” email it was a questionnaire with 5 questions exactly the same as the EQIP. That was about a month ago and I completed it right away.
But still haven’t been informed if I was denied interim & haven’t been contacted by an actual investigator. All of this is asked by the “PSS”
Any ideas about why I would get that extra questionnaire?

Usually that is if information is missing… like if the SF86 is asking for 10 years of employment and you submitted 7, or if you listed the names of your relatives but didn’t list any other information (DOB, Address, etc). It’s usually not a bad thing, and we all know EQIP can be glitchy, so probably some information was just left off that they need to attach to your SF86.

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Yeah that’s weird, the first thing I did was to grab my copy of SF86 to make sure I had completed it and indeed it was there… since I was extremely truthful with my answers I responded with the same information.
I thought maybe they wanted me to explain in more detail but I had added all the possible information so there wasn’t much to add

If you get an interim, DISS will send a msg to your FSO and they should an e-mail to you and your Mgr to know of same. Thats a quick process, Good luck

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Thank you so much for the response!

Yes, you can ask if you were granted an interim clearance. An interim clearance determination is made on all applicants for DoD collateral clearances. Not all positions outside of DoD are eligible for an interim clearance. The same applies to interim access eligibility for special access programs.

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