Initial Secret, No Interview

Hi all,

I’ve been asking around at work (along with my FSO) but I’m getting mixed answers so I figured I’d try here.

I sent my SF86 for my first secret clearance in April, 2018. My interim was denied. I called OPM via the FOIA hotline and asked for the status and they informed me the investigation closed on August 13, 2018 and sent to DOD CAF for adjudication.

Is it normal to not be interviewed after being denied a interim and being sent straight to adjudication? No criminal history, minor dings in my credit report from a few years ago, but nothing delinquent. Never done drugs and anything else out of the ordinary.

Yes, it is not unusual.

Does that actually mean anything though? My FSO told me I would be contacted for an interview at the very least to go over my SF86.

jcb . . . Your FSO, or someone else from your company may contact you to go over your SF86. That doesn’t mean that an investigator will. Many clearances are granted without a subject interview. It really just depends on what is on your SF-86 and what turns up.

Interviews are not routine for secret.