Got interim after 2 weeks, interview tomorrow (after 8 weeks)


I submitted my SF86 plus fingerprints on Feb 17th. I believe my FSO sent it in a week or 2 later (I got an email stating that it had officially been sent in). Then, 2 weeks later I was granted my interim clearance. Today, I got a call from a BI and we have a phone interview (given covid-19…she said 2-3 hours) tomorrow.

This is happening very quickly. Do they go over the entire form and ask you questions about each and every section? How does this normally go? Thank you.

I normally guess how much time a Subject interview will take (from experience) and add an hour to the request. I figure the Subject would appreciate leaving earlier than having to juggle a schedule from going later.

The Subject interview is the opportunity for you to review your SCA, make corrections, and discuss anything with an investigator. I’ve had Subject interviews go from 45 minutes (clean case, very experienced clearance holder) to 8.5 hours (not clean, wanted to argue every issue). The average case with normal issues go from 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours.

This is your time to straighten out your submission, correct errors, and give your side of the story to the adjudicator through the investigator.

Good luck.

Thank you! Is this the only interview I will have?

Which clearance level?

Secret! (Sf86). I already had an SF85 public trust (I believe) from a recent internship… so maybe that helped push me along quickly?

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Yes, they will go over SF86 form.
I applied in August 2019
after 2 weeks I got interim
2 weeks after that person interview (2 hours) she came to my work place,
1 week later, 3 of my references got interview
Jan 2020, got final secret clearance.
My background: foreign born, married with foreign born too. no drug, clean background,
Good luck with your interview, just be honest then will be fine.


This will be the only interview this time, unless something is discovered requiring a revisit.