How long it will take to get secret clearance after interview?


How long it will take to get secret clearance after interview with investigator ? Do they do field interviews with the referrals ( friends, neighbors, colleagues ) given in SF86 ? I have no issues that need extra investigation.


In cases they don’t interview. In others they interview constantly. For me when I received my secret clearance their was no interview. Someone at my work was going for his secret and he had a 3 hour interview. It really depends I guess on your background.

There is no timeline that anyone can give you . . . Sorry . . .

Generally for a secret they won’t do field interviews.

After the interview it could be 6 months, a year, two years, who knows. Mine was 1 year, 2 months after the interview.

I was interviewed Oct 2017. Still waiting as of Mar 2018.

Investigation is open and pending.

Nobody knows how long it could take, I was interviewed next month after I send my package and my references and employers were contacted within the same month. Had a follow up interview and my investigation was closed after follow up interview. Now waiting for final result.

Back in 2013, I was never interviewed since my application was very detailed (is my guess). I received my interim secret in 3 business days and my final secret in 2 months … of course we are in different times with the backlog.

Months to years. My secret clearance interview was in fall of 2015. I’m still waiting for the clearance.

HOLY COW! I know I have said this over and over again but I would contact your FOS or your political leader.

I had a co worker (TS/SSBI) who has been waiting 2 years (and counting) for his investigation to end so it can eventually go into adjudication.

Three years is too long for a Tier 3. Who is the ISP? NBIB or another provider?

Mine began on Feb. 2017 and just ended on Oct. 2119 so that was more than 1 1/2? more or less.