Interim SEcret Interview

Had my interview today for SEcret clearance was almost 2 hours now any ideas how long till final ? also is it harder to get the Interim which I have or the final maybe dumb question but hmm ?



No question is dumb, just need to think with an open mind when it comes to the clearance process. If you search through this forum with keywords like “secret” “Clearance” “timeline”, you will see different time periods of when people obtained their clearance. It all depends on your background factors, how much work investigators need to do out in the field, and then where your papers fall in the pile of investigations that adjudicators need to adjudicate and get to. Sometimes everything with the investigation is done, but it is just adds on to the paper pile on some adjudicator’s desk. once the investigation portion is done with By the investigator, or even during the investigation, You will never truly know, so just remain patient and your time will come sooner or later