Time after investigation submittal

Hey everyone , I’ve been lurking around for the past year reading and trying to find answers , I was army for 14 years and got my first secret clearence in 2010, and it became inactive in 2013 when I got out, now back then I know things were different … fast forward to now …

I’m now a contractor and I applied again in Jan of this year for my current job and a slight delay because I moved and they had to send it to a different company and find a investigator where I’m at … about 4-5 weeks ago I had my interview with my investigator , couple weeks go by and she calls me today wanting to meet for a couple clarification questions … I asked her from this point how long does it take , all she could tell me was she’s submitting it today for final review … now from THIS point what’s the typical waiting time ? From anyone’s experience ?


It’s really too hard to say, but in all likelihood it will be several more months, possibly close to a year. The whole thing is a mess.

Sounds like your investigator submitted her part of the investigation, and then somebody at her company did a QC/review and wanted a couple more details. Hopefully that’s it for that part of the process. There may be other investigators working other parts, especially if you have lived more than one place during the past 5-7-10 years, depending on the scope of the investigation.

They may request files pertaining to your previous investigation, which adds some time.

I work for a defense contractor. We’ve hired a number of young kids fresh out of college over the past couple years and it is taking about a year for them to get a final secret clearance. Uggh. One caveat: our sponsor does not accept interims. You might be able to get an interim sooner than that, but even that is taking several months anymore.

All companies we do work for will accept an interim , which if the process takes that long I will gladly accept , she asked about me leaving a previous job , then why I didn’t mention things from 01 and 04 , which of course were out of the scope but they decided to go all the way back to when I was 18 lol … so far though I’m surprised it’s gone this fast with all the horror stories I’ve read , and really hope this moves forward fairly quickly because being escorted through some of the places we work at is a huge burden

Update … I was granted an interim last wed … how this went so quickly is beyond me , maybe the agencies my company is tied to ? Idk , either way I’m happy , 5.5 months from submittal to interim granted