Question re: Interim Clearance

My investigation was initiated toward the end of March/beginning of April 2022 (I submitted my e-qip 3/22/22 and received notification that all needed documents (state criminal history check forms, fingerprints, drug screening, etc.) were received on 4/7/22). My employer was contacted (via mail) on 4/21/22 and my BI interview was on 4/28/22. He said he was ready to submit the report/documentation on 5/12/22.

I haven’t heard anything since then, not that I was really expecting to. However, I’m wondering something- if an Interim Clearance is denied, will I be notified? If not, is it safe to say, at this point, that an interim clearance has been denied? I have another post on here explaining details, but the only thing on my record is two recent year-late tax filings that were filed and paid-in-full prior to the start of the investigation, which I self-reported on the e-qip and explained fully during the investigation. I’m not super concerned about an interim being denied- I know that’s not exactly rare. I’m just a control freak and like having all the information and the unknown is stressing me out :laughing:

For context, I’m being investigated for a Secret clearance for a civilian position with DoD and I’m currently employed (for ~8 years) by another 3-letter agency (with a public trust).

One can be denied an interim for many non threatening reasons. Add foreign contacts? Can easily drive need for full investigation. Doesnt mean something bad…just that something needs scoped.