Interim clearance process question

Good afternoon everyone!

I accepted a CoE with a contractor in late August where I filled out the eQIP online and submitted all of my information. The CoE was based on me getting an interim clearance. After about 10 days of submitting my documentation, The FSO told me that the interim was denied, and my offer was rescinded.

In the middle of November, I accepted another offer with a completely different contractor dependent on being able to obtain an interim, but this time the process seems way different. The FSO at the new contractor told me I wouldn’t need to fill out a new SF-86 after he spoke to folks at DMDC and the VROC (not sure what they are so I looked up the acronyms). I mentioned to the FSO that some things had changed since I last filled it out in August (bought my first home and had a baby girl). The FSO told me that whenever I am contacted by an investigator to just let them know of any new information or changes that I have at that time.

I’ve never held a clearance or been denied a clearance, so a lot of it is just unfamiliarity with the situation. It’s just a completely different process through this contractor. Does this seem odd to anyone that’s been through this before?

Thanks for any information!

Not really that odd. Actually the only odd part is that the one company thought you would get an interim in ten days… back in the 1990’s, sure, but not today.

Maybe one other thing, there is a form, SF-86C, which is used to update information on a recent SF-86/eQIP. It is like a one page form. Surprised they did not ask you to do that.

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Honestly I didn’t know what to expect on the first go around. But yes, it was 10, maybe 12 days tops when they told me.

I appreciate your help!

Dont ‘tell’ your Investigator anything.

Answer your Investigator’s questions, openly and honestly.

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