Security Clearance Suspended

I had my TS/SCI clearance suspended back in July. I was not given a reason, and I never received an SOR. I actually don’t know if I got the SOR because I was going through a divorce and moved out of my house. I was living in an apartment, and now live in another house. I don’t remember reporting my separation and eventual divorce to security. Also, I don’t remember if I reported my new address. I know…really dumb mistake on my part. Could this be the reason for my suspension? I can’t really think of anything else that I would have been suspended for. No drugs, no arrests, no DUIs, no money issues, no foreign contacts, nothing.

If this is the case, and I never responded to the SOR because I never technically received it, what happens if I am passed the time frame to respond? Could I actually get my clearance completely revoked because I never responded, or are they going to just conduct the investigation and (hopefully) reinstate me when it is complete? I hired a lawyer and they sent a letter requesting my information, but we have not received anything, and that was back on Sep 12. I have been fired from my job because they couldn’t keep me on board without my clearance. I’m really lost here and feeling hopeless because I don’t know what I am suspended for. Like I said, never been in any kind of trouble before, and I truly don’t know why I got suspended other than the divorce/moving thing.

What are my next steps, am I screwed?

If you havent already, contact the FSO if its a contractor or the SSO and just ask what happened, they are the ones that would report it. Indicate you never received the SOR as well as your situation. Keep it simple first, good luck

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This reminded me of an issue I had a few years ago. T/S for nearly two decades. I separated from spouse, told my supervisor about it (as I was moving) but I never notified my security office. We never filed any official separation papers. Three years later my divorce was finalized and I contacted my FSO.

I got a letter from government asking me to explain why I had never reported my separation and had only reported the final judgment of divorce. (which I did the day after the papers were signed).

Since my company’s “reportable incidents” listing read “any change in marital status” my reasoning was that by simply moving out and then filing for divorce my marital status never changed. It was only after divorce was finalized that my status changed. (I actually thought this, I wasn’t trying to pull a fast one)

I then had to explain what steps I was taking to ensure this didn’t happen again. I simply stated that I have no intention of marrying again.

I had no other follow up and clearance remained in place.

Roundabout way to say talk to your FSO/SSO and try not to stress over it. We all mess up at times, just don’t try to cover it up.

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Thank you for your help. I’m trying to do that now.

I’m just really nervous that my clearance will get revoked over a technicality like me not responding to the SOR (since I never got it).

Thank you for the response. Since I did end up getting let go because my company couldn’t keep me on payroll if I wasn’t going to work, how do I contact my FSO? I’m trying to get a hold of my old supervisor to see if they would be willing to help me (I think they would).

I know that my leadership was trying to get information while I was suspended and they got stonewalled and told “he’s under investigation, stop asking”. It has been very frustrating trying to get any information at all. My lawyer even informed my that the government agency I worked for and held my clearance is notorious for dragging their feet and being difficult to work with.

You might be able to track down contact information for your prior FSO through a Google search or even LinkedIn. My error, I thought you were still working for the company. Your former supervisor, if they’re willing, might be able to provide you with your former FSO’s name/contact. At the very least they might be willing to pass along your contact info to have the FSO reach out to you. Human Resources might even be willing to assist with getting you in contact with FSO.

Since you’ve separated from the company the FSO might not make contacting you their first priority. It sucks that they company let you go, are they willing to take you back once everything has been resolved? (rhetorical question)

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Thanks for the info. Already spoke to the lead and he said he was going to ping our PSO and FSO. So he’s willing to help, which I figured he would.

Yes, my company is willing to hire me back once it’s resolved. They did keep me onboard for 2 months with full pay waiting for it to get resolved, but it obviously did not. So they had to terminate me. There’s no burned bridges here, which is good.

I wished I wasn’t so naive and just waited months for it to be resolved under the notion “I didn’t do anything, this will be quick”. That cost me, and now I’m trying to get this resolved. Hindsight is always 20/20.

I was going over the “rules” for clearances and SOR and LOD and saw that SOR are mandated to makes sure that the respondent (you), receive it. That means certified mail. You have to let the FSO know and they HAVE to start the process over.

I had an agency “say” they sent one to my address. It was complete horseshit given that i wasn’t even at the SOR stage. Agency adjudicators can be snakes.

Basically what happened is my ex-wife and I separated Dec 2021, I moved to a buddies house for about 7 months then got an apartment in July 2022. I met someone else and when my lease ended in July 2023, I moved in with her at her house. That is where I live now. I was suspended on July 7, 2023. So right in the middle of all this moving around. I don’t remember ever updating my address with security. So if they sent the SOR to my old house, I no longer live there, and if my ex-wife got a hold of it…forget it…it’s trash.

Also spoke to my former company supervisor and he informed me that the security person at our company that is about 2 levels above my FSO did receive some paperwork about my suspension. That person never disseminated that down, and we have since change primaries on the contract, so that company is not even on the contract anymore. So whatever paperwork got sent to the company never made it’s way to me, and has probably since been shredded. It has just been a perfect storm of a shitshow.

My agency that I work with has been very tight-lipped and any effort to get any information from my superiors has been met with nothing. They were even warned to “stop asking”. Even had a GS-15 head of our division ask, and he was refused. I made a phone call yesterday to the IG office of the agency and they are now looking into it, and I hope that I can make some leeway there. I am willing and able to provide anything to help the investigation if possible, but really just want due process. Like I said…it’s been over 5 months and I don’t even know why I am suspended.