Suspended>Denied No info given

Hey Guys. SO,I was recently overseas in a TS/SCI position with one of the agencies. The clearance adjudicator for that agency is CIA.

My clearance was suspended and i was sent back home pending an investigation. I was never told, nor can i or any of my coworkers guess what the actual reason for suspension was. Infact, noone from the gov’t has reached out to me in any capacity what-so-ever.

I contacted an attorney and i received my SCATTERED CASTLES (SC) file which shows the suspension was adjudicated to “Denied”.

My company was told the agency was “initiating an investigation” but again, no contact from the gov’t.

I was let go by my company because of my lack of use with no clearance but as i understand it, CIA allows the investigations to follow thru even if there is a “Loss of Jurisdiction” status on clearance because i no-longer have a sponsor.

Anyway, if i could get some input for any one who has had to deal with this, i would appreciate it.

When, if ever should i expect an Statement of Reasons (SOR), it is my understanding that they are sent out once an adjudication is made? I been adjudicated as “denied” per SC but still nothing from the gov’t.