SOR Timeline and adjudication

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Hi, I am wondering why i have yet to receive an SOR from CIA given that my clearance went from “Suspended” to “Denied” in SC? It was an NRO contract.

Does that mean that an investigation was done (without me involved) and that it was adjudicated?

I can’t speak on what happens at the CIA but my basic understanding is the same as anyone else - that adjudication takes place following investigation. Your part is to provide proper information most definitely before/possibly during the investigation and maybe in response to adjudication results.

It might be possible your FSO/SMO (not sure on your position type) made a decision to deny prior to using an adjudication service- I believe that can happen if the information you provided is egregious or the SAC type discovery is something the CIA just won’t tolerate and refused to send your investigation forward.

Best option is to get in touch with the FSO/SMO who initiated your process. That person may have an SOR type of response for you either by your request or by procedure pending in-house notification and approval to release.

Last resort could be a FOIA request but your situation being the CIA, I’m thinking that may not go over well.

Hope you get answers soon!

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Hey, Thanks for response.

Yeah, the FSO i was working with in my company didn’t know anything. I have since been let go because they can’t use me.

They did tell me that CIA wanted my contact info because they were initiating an investigation but neither i nor anyone i know has been contacted. That is the strange part because i was initially suspended but my SC file says Denied now so they either adjudicated that with no investigation or they did one and never contacted anyone.

Now the Agency i was working for, which CIA holds clearance for has no record of my clearance being suspended or denied.