My clearance has been moved to adjudication BUT!

My clearance has recently been moved from LOJ to adjudication. However things have changed since my investigation. Collections have been paid off and minor issues have been settled. Is there someone I can contact to relay that info, or is it to late and I’ll just have to wait and see what happens ?

This is 100% speculation, but if you weren’t re-interviewed before adjudication, then I imagine everything is fine (?).

Are you adjudicating for a higher clearance?

Worst case scenario, they give you a SOR and you mitigate the concerns with your new info.

Also, unrelated, but what were the cirumstances of your clearance going into LOJ status? If you switched jobs/ companies after X amount of time, was it fairly straightforward for your new job/ company to take your current clearance info and submit it?

Thank you for your response. I was in the middle of transitioning to a new position with a higher clearance. My new position took a long time to pick up my clearance and the previous job dropped it because I didn’t work for them anymore. I lost out on the new position due to the LOJ status that was placed on my clearance and ended up stranded in a new city with no job " good times".

Luckily I was picked up by a company who is currently sponsoring for my previous clearance. I had to go through the whole investigation process all over.

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I’m sure this has been resolved by now. But in the future whenever there are changes you should ALWAYS self-report them to your FSO/SMO. That way they can be mitigated and the Personal Conduct GL disqualifier won’t come into play.