Clearance status "CANCELLED"

Hey Guys,

I asked this before but noone seems to have ever seen this. I asked a buddy SSO also and he never seen it either.

My clearance status shows “Cancelled” for both “Clearance” and “SCI Eligibility” in Scattered Castles.

He said maybe it means that there was a re-investigation going and since you lost sponsor, it was cancelled.

I can see all the SSBI dates and there doesn’t seem to have ever been one initiated recently and i was never told anything so i doubt that is it.

I figure i’d as again here if anyone has ever seen that. I’m stumped

What does it say when an investigation is cancelled, isn’t it “loss of jurisdiction”?

“Loss of jurisdiction” is more of a JPAS/DISS/? term. And as little as I know about that system as it exists today, I know even less about “Castles.”

I take it you are not “active” in terms of using your clearance?


No i am not because someone at the agency is jerking my clearance around behind my back and not sending out notifications to me or my attorney. I been dealing with them since April 2022. They never even sent me an SOR that i was suspended. Lots of incompetence or dirtiness in way they been dealing with it.

I’ve had a few companies tell me that my clearance was “good” after my senator contacted the agency but it’s kinda hit or miss depending on who or what company i talk to. Lots of different answers.

Yeah, loss of jurisdiction is usually when the agency requesting the investigation is told that you no longer need the clearance. I can’t be more specific because I have never heard of Scattered Castles. Did you change jobs? Is your contact information up to date? I have also seen loss of jurisdiction used when the investigator couldn’t get in touch with the applicant to schedule the interview and the agency that the investigation was for cancelled the whole thing. If your contact info is up to date, is your voice mail set up/cleared out to accept new ones that you actually check? Is this investigation for the company/agency that you are already employed by?