Clearance listed as cancelled in Scattered Castles

Hoping to get some insight here.

I left a job after waiting around 2 years for my TS/SCI. I had completed my poly, interviews, etc.

A few months afterwards, I submitted FOIA requests to OPM for my past Secret investigations, to the investigating IC agency for my TS/SCI investigation, and to the ODNI for any information in Scattered Castles.

After another year or so, I had all 3 in hand, and noticed something interesting in Scattered Castles. For the TS, I had an eligibility date listed as 2 months after I left my job, but the status was “Cancelled”. Same thing under SCI Eligibility, the same date, and the same note that the status was “Cancelled”.

Is this something that is normal when you leave a job in the middle of an investigation, or does this mean that I made it through adjudication and then they cancelled it? If I were to go back into the IC world in the future, will having a TS/SCI labeled as “Cancelled” look bad?


Good info that one can request their SC records. Never thought of that before. Was it just a generic request to ODNI? I’ll have to go check out their web site.

It was a standard Privacy Act request to the ODNI, yes. They don’t maintain any background investigations that I know of, but they do have SC records.

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I am in your exact same situation. I asked my records from ODNI for Scattered Castles and I saw a record telling TS cancelled and SCI non adjudicated. The fact is that I actually had a clearance and I was working for the IC Agency for nine months already when a stupid incident happened. Still, it does not have sense the record “cancelled”. Usually a clearance is revoked in that case. I did not receive neither a SOR.


I know this is 3 year later, but I am curious what came of your situation?

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I’m back in the IC world, discussions with current FSOs seem to point to the fact that my previous TS/SCI was favorably adjudicated but since I had already left the job they just marked it as “Cancelled”. My situation was nuanced, and it’s not like there’s a “favorably adjudicated but has already left the job” option in SC.

No ongoing issues.


Great to hear it go cleared up. This may be what happened to me. My last government customer had started a reinvestigation in Nov/Dec 2022. I was let go from my company in April 2023 before it was adjudicated. I just reached out to my former SSO/FSO to relay this information. He will be reaching out to the government customer to find out more. Hopefully it gets cleared up.

So update. The government customer in Chantilly has my SCI listed as ‘canceled/ineligible.’ But, DISS shows my TS/SCI as good and active. Seems very confusing to me. The best I can figure out is that if any company/customer needs to crossover my clearance from Scattered Castles, it won’t happen. But if they will/can do it from DISS, then it should be fine. Makes zero sense to me.

Hey Guys, I know this is Old but i’m unable to get ANY responses on this same issue from my FSO or anyone here so i’d figure i’d check.

Did you guys get any more clarification, i’m having the exact same issue? The difference is i was “suspended” then Clearance “denied”. Both of those happened a full year after the date they listed in SC which is bold lie on that end. Lots of shadyness on my case being dine by adjudicator. They aren’t even accusing me of anything, i told the truth on the issues because they were not significant but over a year later after adjudicating me, they said my clearance was suspended. They never even sent me and SOR, i had to force them to send me one by getting an attorney involved.

ANyways, if you guys got more clarification on what “cancelled” in fact means, i’d love to hear it. My FSO says that my clearance in DISS is good btw.


I wish I had more insight. Since my last post, I got hired by another company and they have told me that despite what SC says about my SCI being ‘Cancelled,’ DISS shows me as good and my clearance and poly are good. I was told from another FSO that the government who sponsored my clearance previously may have just labeled it as ‘Cancelled’ because I was no longer working for them/supporting them. So, not necessarily a ‘ding’ or punishment towards me, but more administrative/procedural. With your clearance being labeled ‘Denied,’ that could be more of an issue. But again, I am no expert and FSOs/SSOs are only so helpful.

Thanks for response. Yeah i think you are right, just strange that i can’t really get any certain answers from FSO.

It use to say “denied” but then went to “Cancelled” but i am still waiting on my appeal.
I suspect we dealt with the same agency who makes things up as they go.

I am also good in DISS according to the FSO.

Thanks again.

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