Incident Report in JPAS - Timeline?

Hello everyone, In Feb 2018 I was let go from my job and an incident report was filed in JPAS. I was terminated for cause , lets just put it that way, but it wasn’t a massive deal because I didn’t have my clearance suspended or even revoked. I’ve kept my Top Secret throughout this entire thing and its been active the whole time.

Two months later in April 2018 I managed to find another DOD Contractor to take me on at a significantly decreased salary (they know about the incident in JPAS ) and i’ve been with them since then.

A new SF86 form was requested from me right after the incident report was put into my JPAS file and I filled that out and waited until I was contacted by an investigator in June of 2018.

The investigator with NBIB came out, I explained what happened, and he said he understands it was a mistake and to not worry too much about it, and that he would finish up his report and send it over to DODCAF for adjudication.

My file got to DODCAF for adjudication on September 2018 and I’ve been stuck at “Adjudication in Progress” for 7 months now.

Keep in mind I already had a full Top secret clearance before this incident. Are adjudications STILL taking years even for people with Incident reports? I can understand adjudications taking years for people new to getting a clearance, but my issue is its just a singular incident thats long been resolved and is over and done with.

Im wanting to switch jobs but the Incident report might as well be a felony honestly. I apply for jobs and even with several masters degrees and 20 IT Certifications I get to the security clearance manager of these companies and im shot down immediately, they want nothing to do with someone who has an incident report on their Clearance in JPAS.

They get my SSN , pull me up, see my name in big red letters and the words “OPEN INCIDENT 2/xx/2018” and I try to explain i never lost my clearance and it has no effect on me getting a new cleared job.

I also explain I currently have a job in a cleared capacity, but they still want nothing to do with me and drop me like a hot potato.

Can anyone give me some guidance on this? I feel like I ruined my life effectively and my career is over. Im sick of waiting, and I am debating just going private sector honestly and being done with all this clearance nonsense.

While this is still on your JPAS entry, all you can say is, "I haven’t lost my clearance, yet . . . " You don’t really have any idea if you are going to keep your clearance and it’s unlikely that the investigator really knows if you need to be worried or not. The fact that you think that your “several masters degrees and 20 IT certifications” make a difference to those adjudicating your clearance really just tells me that you don’t understand the process or appreciate whatever it is that you have done.

There might be somebody here who could tell you want your chances are, if they knew what you were let go for. The very fact that you were let go over some prohibited action at your previous employer is a big red flag. Frankly, I’m surprised that you are working a cleared position right now.

Questions: do you have access to classified information? Are you sure that your clearance eligibility is active?

Adjudications are still a big hot sticky mess and if you are already cleared and working the job your case goes into the cold gooey part of the congealed sticky mess.

I happened to speak to someone who was a current or former adjudicator and learned that waits of two years or more for final adjudication of periodic reinvestigations are not at all surprising. Not that they all take that long, but some do.

So seven months is not that terribly out of the ordinary.

@TokyoSun Have you requested your JPAS record from the Defense Manpower Data Center? It’s really easy to do, just fill out a form and mail it. I find that having the IR details, as stated in JPAS, helps ease employers–when they look you up in JPAS they don’t see the details so they assume the worst.

Don’t give up on your job search, plenty of companies will take you on even with an IR.

I’ve had an IR on my JPAS for a year and a half for an “incident” that’s been fully resolved and mitigated as far as I’m concerned. However because of the delays the IR hasn’t been adjudicated.

Companies forget that employers can and often do “game the system” by entering false or greatly exaggerated Incident Reports against employees they dislike for personal reasons. There is close to 0% chance a company will be held liable for lying on an Incident Report, even if the employer has no proof to back up their statements, and the employee HAS proof they are false.

I have the same thing. Hold clearance for over decade and not a single issue until recently.
Pending IR on JPAS prevents from getting into clear work. FSO in the former company gave just email for the agency FSO who supposedly handling this IR.When I asked them for contact info for the FSO whom I actually reported the incident, contractor pretended that they didn’t know.
The FSO person in the agency doesn’t respond at all. Any suggestions?

And I’ve heard of more than one case where the incident report was apparently filed AFTER the employee left without the employee’s knowledge.

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