Applying for job that requires secret clearance.

I applied for a job needing a secret clearance.

The security person looked me up in JPAS and it said Eligibility: Loss of Jurisdiction

But his record is flagged for a security incident report from DOD CAF 28 March 2013 (which is when I left the company)

Last validation was 2011 03 28

I have spent countless hours on the phone tracking numbers, etc but to no avail.

I’d like to know what this all means and can I get a clearance or is this incident disqualifying me, is there anyone I can call or write to?


You may still be able to get a clearance but this ‘incident’ needs to be cleared up. Unfortunately you can’t do that yourself; someone will have to hire you (or at least make you an offer) and put you in for a clearance.

Hopefully the passage of time (nearly five years) will be in your favor.