Has anyone ever escaped "Loss of Jurisdiction" limbo?

A few months ago my security clearance was suspended by the IC agency I worked for as a contractor due to a security incident and before my clearance could be adjudicated (revoked or reinstated), I was terminated by my company due to no longer having access to the agency’s facilities. Since then, my clearance has been in limbo, in “Loss of Jurisdiction” status. I wrote to the DCSA to try and figure out my options and this is what they responded with:

“The DoD Consolidated Adjudications Facility (DoD CAF) is authorized to render security clearance eligibility determinations only on behalf of applicants and/or employees for whom their employment position requires eligibility for access to classified information and/or assignment to sensitive duties. Once an individual separates from employment, the DoD CAF is no longer authorized to review or process that individual’s case due to the loss of jurisdiction. Should you secure employment with a qualifying sponsor in a position requiring a security eligibility determination in the future, your new sponsor may request that we resume action in this matter. An individual is not authorized to request a security eligibility determination on themselves. The request must come to our office from an authorized DoD Security Management Office (SMO) or contractor Facility Security Office (FSO).”

How exactly am I supposed to get a company to sponsor me for a position requiring a security clearance, when I don’t have a valid security clearance? Why would they hire me into a slot that requires a clearance, and then have to wait for my adjudication, when they could hire someone else who already has a valid clearance? How in the world am I supposed to escape this limbo? This process seems entirely broken, unfair, and frankly depriving me of due process. It would be better for me if they would go ahead and revoke my clearance, because at least then I could lawyer up and appeal the decision. As things are now, there is absolutely nothing I can do. I even contacted my US Senator to see if they could help… haven’t heard back from them yet.

Has anyone out there had any luck in escaping this situation? Or should I resign myself to trying to find a job that doesn’t require a security clearance? Which is what I have been doing the past several months with no luck, by the way. It is very difficult to find a job in my field that doesn’t require a clearance.

Thanks for any help or advice… I am really desperate and starting to lose hope!

  • Barry

Did you or someone report the incident/violation ? Did they take your statement and had an investigation started?

The good news: yes, people recover from Loss of Jurisdiction

The not-so-good: it takes a long time and is not that easy.

I think basically you have to get hired by someone willing to sponsor you for what amounts to a brand new investigation… at least that’s how its worked for the few folks I’ve known who successful returned from LOJ Limbo.

I literally just escaped and my incident report was cleared. It took about 3 years but each situation is different so mine may be a bit of an outlier.

The process seems to be working just fine. You had a security violation and lost your clearance.

I have been waiting since November 2019. The investigation got closed in mid Aug and it has been in adjudication for a month now. Neither me or my references got contacted during the investigation. We will see how longer it would take.

For your situation you need to get an offer letter and be placed on a contract to have the adjudication updated. It may not need a new investigation if in scope and under 2 years. You’re at the mercy of the FSO.