LOJ with Incident Report


This is directed at investigators. I have had a TS/SCI since 02/2010. In May 2012 I was let got from a contract in Afghanistan for violation of General Order #1 (possession of alcohol). One month after I left the company I worked for (L-3 Stratis) and incident report was entered in JPAS along with a Loss of Jurisdiction. I have spent the past two years trying to get this cleared up and have run into a Catch-22 in that DSS said it could be cleared up if someone took jurisdiction and submitted and RRU but....no one will hire you it seems until the incident is cleared.

Any guidance? I am due for a PRI next year and this has effectively kept me from my profession.


Let me know what you find out or what you did because I'm currently going through the same thing.


Brother I never did get it fixed. It is a true Catch-22 and there is no easy solution. I was considering enlisting in the National Guard but I really didn't want to go back in uniform. Basically you will have to find a company to hire you for a position that doesn't require a clearance then apply for a clearance on your behalf. Best of luck. MY email is d[email protected]


Are you saying the company fired you for violating the rules, submitted a letter of the incident (as required) and then removed their sponsorship for your clearance when you departed (as required). You are free to apply for any position requiring a clearance and in that SF86 and subsequent investigation, make sure you relay the entire story. Having a negative incident report doesn't' disqualify you from a clearance. I would expect them to see it...ask questions about it...and if it is long past, youthful indiscretion...no evidence of abuse problem,..and it isn't downplayed...I see no issue. 4-5 years past...is a long time for a one of incident. If you are saying you received a statement of reason and had a revocation...normally they explain the appeal process and use boilerplate information to say you cannot reapply for one year. That NEVER means you simply get a clearance back, only that you are free to reapply.