Incident Report Taking Longer than it Should...WHY?

This is directed at investigators. Some are better investigators than others let me tell you that. I was just unlucky and had some bad ones with regards to my INCIDENT REPORT matter!
I have been holding a DoD SECRET since 02/2006. In September 2009, I was let go from Rockwell whose FSO and HR said at the exit interview that there was NOTHING NEGATIVE put on me in JPAS and that the next recruiter should be able to pick up my clearance. But a few weeks after I had left Rockwell, prospective recruiters who called and interviewed me on the phone alerted me that they saw an incident report put on me in JPAS along with a Loss of Jurisdiction. I have spent the past FIVE (5) years trying to get this Incident Report cleared up and I have run into a Catch-22 in that DSS said it could be cleared up if someone took jurisdiction and submitted an RRU, or hired and sponsored me. Well for quite a long time no one hired me until one company did and requested that that incident be cleared. I was hired but since it was a staffing agency, the assignments were short and few in between. In 2010, this staffing agency submitted me to have that I.R. cleared, and we all waited for more than a year and nothing happened…so this staffing agency requested that I be upgraded to “top secret” because they had a need to place me on a top secret job plus they thought that this could help expedite the clearing of my incident report faster!
Well it turned out that the top secret background investigation did not finish up until nearly FOUR (4) years later and the incident report is still not cleared because some USIS problematic investigator was biased and produced a negative B.I. result report on me, like looking to dig mud (where there was none) on me, or that someone had used lousy investigator(s) to retaliate me. Because one of them met one of my ex-bosses about reference on me and my ex-boss told me that that investigator acted “unprofessional” and didn’t believe all the good and positive things that my ex-boss told him! That investigator kept saying “Oh! Really! Really” in a mocking/sarcastic way and kept interrupting my ex-boss when he talked, and my ex-boss started wondering if that “investigator” was normal or stable! Then, I talked to DoD CAF regarding the outcome of that Top secret B.I. and I was told around March or April of 2014 that the criminal background investigation part as well as the credit/financial history part passed with no problem, however because I had an issue dealing with an I.R. that falsely alleged about my mental state, the DoD officer told me that she had to send me a letter designating me to go see a DoD-paid mental evaluator/counselor in order to proceed. I agreed to that even though I do NOT have any mental issues! And even before I agreed to that, I had already suspected that I would not be getting a favorable prognosis from whichever doctor I was sent to! As I sensed that I had been framed starting from the day that some saboteur who had put that incident report in JPAS on me! Then to have a rude/biased investigator come back with a lousy B.I. result report and then that DoD-paid doctor gave me a lousy prognosis …further confirmed to me that there’s a consistent pattern…of someone continuing to retaliate by framing me this way. I had to rebut whatever that was negative or false or falsified in the USIS questionable B.I. result report. I then had to hire a lawyer to further produce a letter of response to a Statement of Reasons (SOR) and the first lawyer gouged me financially and then used indirect tactic of intimidation to scare me and he was rude to me too, he consistently accused me of being “overly anxious” which he called it “anxiety disorder” and maybe have ADD which I don’t have any! He was the problem, he talked very fast and would not let me talk most of the times, etc…it was like he tried to “brainwash” you through his speech rambling on and on and over and over, and he only wanted to do things his way which was to force me to admit at least something like that and that I have to admit that I have some kind of disorder in order to make his job representing me easier! You know we don’t need these kind of “abusers or victimizers” working as a lawyer or as investigator!! I think I had seen enough abusers in my life growing up and I don’t need to see more of them in the law enforcement or adjudication environment!
I fired that first lawyer (he was ex-Navy and my ex-husband was ex-Navy too and I had dumped my ex and my ex was very bitter about that) . I later had no choice but to hire another lawyer which cost me a lot again! And so far I’ve spent (I had to take a loan) of about $14,000 just to get this matter straight because I want my honor restored! It’s not because I am “Edward Snowden” who is after secrets, I could care less as I am not after secrets…but the principle of the matter is that I WAS FRAMED for years by some asshole who is crooked, and dirty and using DoD or hiding behind either DOD or some 3-letter word agency and doing this to me to get even with me because of what that saboteur wrote in the incidence report which was about my having helped alert the FBI/CIA regarding 9-11 before 9-11 happened.
The I.R. mentioned about someone claimed that they had received a “PERSONAL EMAILNOTE” from me on a Sunday from my personal laptop and that I sent it to someone working at Rockwell saying that I "let the FBI/CIA in my prediction of 9-11 disaster before it took place based on my premonitions and visions and that the FBI/CIA did not know how to stop it…etc…etc… and that one of the managers there appeared to not be the same manager …” Well, I had never sent anyone any kind of “personal email note” on or for anything!
I asked Rockwell’s FSO if the FSO had put this I.R. there and Rockwell’s FSO denied having put anything derogatory or negative on me in JPAS…and the USIS/OPM had a page written in their B.I. result report saying that whoever claimed to have received my personal emailed note saying all of the above, ALSO DENIED having received anything of such nature from me too! So now, it seemed that NO ONE KNOWS WHO PUT THAT INCIDENT REPORT ON ME in JPAS! So then, was JPAS hacked into?
The Chief at DoD CAF talked to me sometimes in May 13, 2014, she said that she had received in due time, my response letter to the SOR and she had forwarded my entire case/file/folder to DOHA on May 23, 2014. But it’s NOW August 10, 2014 which means that it has been nearly THREE (3) months and when my new lawyer called DOHA, he told me that DOHA said that they don’t know where my case file is at so they could not give my second lawyer a court hearing date! And told him that he has to wait! So I then took matter in my hands, and I called DOHA myself! But whoever had been eavesdropping into my calls to DOHA did a voice intercept and was rude to me on the phone and said “If you have a lawyer, then you tell him to call me! I don’t talk to you!” I tried to tell the DOHA guy that my lawyer did call and was not given any kind of definite answer and that I was told that no one at DOHA knew where my case folder went or is! Finally saw a bit of progress… only few days ago of this week when I called DOHA to see if there was any progress, DOHA finally said that they have my case file, however they didn’t know when they can find time for a court hearing date for my case!!! It’s so enervating! This matter has been dragged out and stalled for as long…as if the saboteur like to see this happen for probably many reasons… so as to use me to make more money on me and maybe to have grounds to continue to aggravate me…
Now here’s another problem, I just finished my State Department contract on June 30, 2014 and since that company who hired me lost the rebid of this same contract, I was “laid off”! So now while there’s a note put in JPAS (by whoever) that said “Incident Report pending in DOHA”, all recruiters who had called me and wanting to hire me ASAP said that someone had completely FROZE my Secret status in JPAS so that means no company can sponsor me or hire me!!! So I am still “unemployed” to this day, at this writing! I am having a feeling that the same saboteur who is so clever, will continue to spy on my cell phone conversations to counter DOHA to properly adjudicate my case, meaning that the saboteur will try to ensure that my clearance will be either denied or revoked to further burn me back as retaliation!
Again, I am telling you the entire truth, that I.R. was fabricated in order to use the “emotional disorder” as a ground to make me lose my security clearance as well as to influence someone to use that as a false excuse me to have me medicated “drugged” to mess me up. In the past, I blew the whistle on many bad people for doing a lot of “very very bad things” which I cannot put it here…for fear of more retaliation.
At first, I was told that I could call DOHA every week to see when I could obtain a court hearing date…but whoever that had been eavesdropping all of my cell phone calls/conversations all along, (and this saboteur seemed to be good at voice intercepting the person I was talking to at DOHA too) later called my second lawyer and fed my lawyer a bunch of bull story telling him that I was telling DOHA about specifics of my incidence report (which the DOHA guy didn’t care to hear or cared to know). Whoever pretended to be “DOHA” and called my lawyer told him that I am or I could jeopardize my case. So my lawyer wrote me and told me to stop calling and asking them about a court hearing date!
Is there no rule or “law” regarding giving the lawyer and me an ETA (estimate time) for when we can get a court hearing date? I mean it has been like nearly 3 months now! And the longer I go without a job, this is affecting my finances…through no fault of mine.
Also, I think there ought to be some kind of restructure in handling different types of INCIDENT REPORT… meaning that if the I.R. is of a stupid nature (which did not even concern my work, performance or national security) such as mine, it should be separated from the serious kinds of incident report so as to expedite the process! It is really messy the way things are left in limbo or in a “dangling” state like this.
HELP!!! Any guidance? This problem has effectively kept me from my profession. And I have had to look for jobs without a need for clearance which pay pitifully less than what I deserve! HELP! THANKS!

Can we get an executive summary of that wall of text? Seriously, bullet points with individual answerable questions.

Oh lord, please don’t let me get your case.