Just found out I have a incident report on my clearance!

I’ve heard many stories but was hoping someone could clear this up. I was offered a great gig from a company but they informed me I have a incident on my clearance. I’ve requested a copy of my JPAS and spoken to lawyers. My old boss said that an OPM investigator came and ask questions about me a few weeks ago but that’s all she could tell me… Im assuming this is about the incident report on my clearance but my old boss said she didn’t ask anything specific about the incident .

How long are these taking to get removed? I heard really short times to really long times.

should i get a lawyer?

what are the next steps ?


There are a lot of unanswered questions here. I’m assuming you know something about “the incident.” Surely, you will have to be questioned about it at some point. You spoke to lawyers - what did they say? Is the job offer off the table now? The incident isn’t likely to be removed at all; you will have to explain it. As far as it affecting your future, again, it depends on the nature of " the incident." Maybe get a lawyer. Try Bigley Law.

Janie- A lot has developed since I’ve posted this question and I found out a lot of info on my own and by calling a couple law firms who specialize in this …Funny you mention Bigley law because that’s who I spoke to. One thing i did learn is that if you don’t have a company to sponsor you, you can forget it, luckily for me I do have a company that is will to wait it out . They have requested the RRU and now it’s a waiting game … my next step is to contact my congressman to inquire about it because they have to answer by law … I was informed that it could take anywhere from months to yrs it all depends … anyway I have a job currently that does not require a security clearance but the offer that I had is still on the table pending

I would suggest getting a second opinion from a different lawyer. I used Bigley and found them lacking, to put it nicely.

@Swerc has anything happened since June? I’m in a very similar situation, where my employer went above and beyond to write out a terrible and overwhelmingly false Incident Report in JPAS. They even filed a false police report against me so they can say, “OMG LOOK, THERE’S EVEN A POLICE REPORT! THIS GUY’S DANGEROUS!”

Sean M. Bigley retired from practicing law last year, after a decade representing clients in the security clearance process. Anyone purporting to be them online is fraudulent.