Is there a delay for a suspension to show up in JPAS?

Ok, so last year at my last job I received an incident report, so I was let go because my access was suspended. I received a letter in the mail stating “my PCL in connection with ‘company’ has been suspended pending final decision from DOD CAF”

I proceeded to onboard with another company, all the security officer told me was that the government dropped my clearance (his words) and I had to go through the whole EQIP deal, which I did. That was in January this year.

Recently, I was interviewing for another job, but at the back of my mind was worried about the clearance issue. When that Security officer pulled it up in JPAS and looked under the current companies cage, he said I was good to go and that it said no tier 3 investigation required. I just find it odd that the suspension, or even the incident did not show up. Is this plausible it has already been resolved, or that there is this long of a delay in it showing up?

Once an incident report is submitted, it is instant! Your name appears in red. If your SM says you are good, don’t worry about it, your good!

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I was suspended indefinitely from Federal Student Aid and then resigned. Will my name appear in red as well? Could this be the reason other agencies don’t move forward after I’ve been referred for a job?

thank you for that clarification.

So, would it be safe to assume that the DOD CAF already investigated the incident and concluded it was not something to warrant revocation? Should I expect any correspondence stating as such, or it just clears up on its own without any further interaction?

Also, this look at my JPAS was from a potential employer’s Security Manager looking at my clearance while it is under a different company’s cage. Not sure if that matters or not.

Everyone see’s the same thing in JPAS so if this SM looked and said you are good, you are good. Maybe your former employer never actually did an incident report to DoDCAF and kept it in house by just debriefing you’re access and making it a local suspension.

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Ah, that may be the case, definitely makes sense.

Now, not to be repetitive and/or questioning your knowledge, but I did receive a letter from the Defense Security Service (DSS) stating, “your PCL granted to you in connection with your employment with x company has been suspended pending a final decision by DOD CAF or DOHA”

Maybe the key words to focus on are “in connection with your employment with X company” as meaning the local access as you suggested. I was just getting a bit paranoid of quitting my current job, showing up to work and then get some news like my clearance has an issue. At any rate, it looks like I am in the clear, I appreciate your feedback!

JPAS says it all. Going back to the SM, if he looked at your JPAS profile summary and there are no indicators present and he said you’re good, you should be. I was a FSO, if I still had JPAS, I would confirm for you. I would press on, maybe reach out to that SM and reconfirm with him. But, when someone has an incident report in JPAS, there is NO missing the red bold items on the screen. You might have him look at the adjudication summary at the bottom of your person screen to see what the last input from DoDCAF was.

Thank you for all the information you have provided, I appreciate you taking the time to explain it. I will definitely follow your guidance, I really feel much more confident about my situation. Thanks again!