SIF. What can I do to clear this incident?

I was in the Reserve and also working as a civilian contractor for an aronautical company. Prior to leaving the Reserves I had an incident and they put a SIF ( Significan Incident File) on my JPAS. They informed me that the SIF is put on file and reveiwed every 3 months by the IP office for status. Also, that my security clearance will not be affected by it and was still active. I continued to work for the civilian company for 2 years with no issue until I was transferred to another installation and a new JPAS request is put in for that base. The approving officer looks at my JPAS and kicks me off base with no notice because he assumed my clearance was suspended. My job then terminates me because I couldn’t get to work and now I’m out of the job. I have done my reseach and I know that the DoDCAF has to notify you if they intend to suspend your clearance which has not happened. I have talked to various FSOs and they informed, me at the time I was still owned by my old Reserve unit when I was removal from the installation. Now I am unemployed with a red flag on my JPAS. How can I fix this when no one will hire me with a flagged JPAS? Would going back into the Reserves be an option to clear my JPAS?