Effect of a Self-Reported incident on JPAS and job search

Good afternoon all,

Question for you. I have a security clearance (Reserve Military Officer) I inadvertantly sent FOUO (not classified, not secret) information to a foreign military officer in a professional course. I sent him a set of notes that I thought he needed for an upcoming test that we both had (we are both in the same class). The deck contained 5 slides of FD-7 information which he was not supposed to receive. The information is very benign and you could EASILY look it up on Google. Nevertheless, I realized about 3 minutes after I emailed it to him that he wasn’t supposed to receive this information. So I immediately reported it to my cadre. They told our security office and I was told 3 weeks later that there would be no adverse actions other than a “reportable incident” being on my JPAS. So my question is this: I’m a reserve Officer and am looking for a new civilian job. Will this affect my ability to obtain a government job, specifically one with a Secret clearance? I still have my clearance as it was deemed that I had no intention of purposefully disclosing sensitive information.
Thank you all.

It sounds like you followed all protocols and the incident was deemed not serious and closed, so there should be no impact on a future clearance. If there was a pattern of similar incidents then it would be an issue.