Belated report of dui

I had a DUI over 2 years ago which was my first ever charge or conviction of any type of misdemeanor and I had never had any issues with alcohol before or since (I have quit since as a matter of principle that I let it happen to me). I did NOT report incident at the time of the arrest as I was on the verge of a RIF and I didn’t want to be RIF’d before an adverse JPAS report could be adjudicated for fear it would harm my prospects of getting rehired. Turns out I was able to last for another year before being laid off and upon being rehired very recently I went to my FSO and asked him to submit a JPAS incident report for my 2012 DUI before my TS comes up for renewal in 2016 so that the incident can be adjudicated and the incident no longer a factor. Assuming I have an otherwise stellar career, reputation and record what hurdles should I expect this JPAS incident report to encounter before it is fully adjudicated within the system as I wish for the “RED JPAS ALERT” to be removed as soon as possible. Thanks much!

A very humble former sailor

The issue here is not the DUI which is a minor offense and would have been cleared up quickly. The fact that you withheld this information because you feared it would affect your employment status is what the concern is because it shows you considered your own advancement over that of national security. It is up to the CAF that has the report to consider all information and make a determination and depending on caseload, unknown how long before it is cleared.


Thank you very much for your frank, professional response and not a complete surprise in what you say. Will standby to see how this incident report transpires but hopefully some acknowledgement will be made that I did ‘self-report’ (albeit time late) vice await the next SF-86/e-QIP process in 2016

how did this end up for you, OP?
I have heard many versions of this same stories from all my shipmates / battle buddies.
just looking for some perspective here as i find myself in a very similar situation