Retired US Marine Having Trouble With My DoDCAF Secret Clearance

I am a 22 year retired US Marine, I have been working for the Department of the Navy for 14 years, and I am now having a problem with my Secret Security Clearance. It has been to adjudication, and I have submitted a SOR. In the meantime, although my security clearance is active until I have been denied a clearance, my command has chosen to put me on a No Work/No Pay status. How long does it take to get a response from your SOR? Is there anybody I can contact myself for help in this matter?

So you have been given notice of intent to revoke, received a Statement of Reasons, or you submitted a statement of reason? What exactly were the reasons they stated? Normally the appeal process is included in the SOR.

I didn’t report an arrest for a DUI in 2017. I was not convicted of the DUI, it was actually a reckless driving conviction…

Hold on tight, going to be a long ride. By not self-reporting, as required, you not only have concerns regarding the DUI arrest (lesser conviction doesn’t matter), you now have honesty concerns, concerns about not following regulations and concerns hiding your alcohol use/potential abuse.

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Yep . . . This one IS likely to take some time . . . You have the unreported arrest for the DUI but I assume that the fine for the reckless charge was over the limit and required reporting as well. Since you reinvestigation was coming up (or already active) it looks like you failed to report purposely (as opposed to not knowing that you should have reported). How did you go about mitigating this in your response? Did you work with a clearance attorney?