SOR and Ajudication

Background: I’m a retired 33 year Navy vet working as a Gov’t contractor until Sept 2020 when the contract expired. I had an active TS clearance with a CI polygraph.
On 29 Feb 2020, I was charged with a DUI. 04 March, 2020. I self reported the DUI to my FSO who i notified DODCAF. I voluntarily enrolled in alcohol counseling classes and a weekend intervention program. I previously was Pled guilty to a DWI charge in Aug 2016, which was also self reported.
I feel shameful about my alcohol incidents and have abstained from alcohol since my DUI charge.
Nov 2020, I pled guilty to the DUI charge, received 24 months probation and a $353 dollar fine. The judge thanked me for my military service and told me to complete my alcohol classes and ignition interlock program. I successfully completed my alcohol classes. I have 4 months remaining on the interlock program. I voluntarily participated in out patient alcohol counseling from 20 March 2020 to 02 February 2021.
I received an SOR Sept 9th 2020 regarding my self reported DUI and DCSA /OPM was under the impression I only participated in 4 alcohol classes because I initially stated I voluntarily enrolled in alcohol counseling classes and provided receipts for the 4 classes I attended. I was never informed to provide monthly updates by my FSO.
I retained a security clearance
lawyer who wrote my SOR response which included answers to the SOR statements character 11 character statements from coworkers and family members, military service, and awards. I also digned an SOI to continue to abstain from alcohol consumption. Additionally, I’ve been married for 34 years and 60 years old.
My SOR was submitted on 7 April 2021. Also, I submitted an SF-86 March, 2021. I had my DCSA interview on 08 June 2021.
I just learned my RSI closed on 25 Aug2021. No eligibility status is listed in DISS.

Three questions:

  1. When should I expect to hear about my eligibility status?

  2. Is 18 months of sobriety sufficient for an AJ to make a favorable determination WRT mitigation?

  3. Do I have a reasonable chance of a favorable ajudication?

Thank you.