Unresolved incident in JPAS


October 2013, I was arrested for assault on a police officer. I went to trial and won the case in August of 2014. It took the judge 10 minuets to see the problem. I updated all my paper work with my employer and agency. However as of today I am still listed in JPAS with a red flag due to “unresolved incident”. I have since left the agency but would like to get my record cleaned. How would I go about removing the red flag?


Did you report the incident right away, and if so, were you informed that your clearance was suspended? Or was your clearance revoked? Once you resolved the court action was the suspension lifted and your access reinstated? Just keep in mind, as a caveat, that just because the court resolved the issue in your favor does not address the underlying conduct that led to the charge. In security adjudication there only needs to exist a reasonable preponderance of evidence that you engaged in misconduct or criminal behavior regardless of the court outcome.
Your only course of action would be to contact the DOHA Toll Free Office Number: 1-866-231-3153 or e-mail: dohastatus@osdgc.osd.mil

Thank you!!!

I had been trying to get the mark removed through my former employer. No one seemed to know the direct approach. I hate to believe that they purposely did nothing. But I can not help but come to that conclusion.

The short of the story is that the police arrested me by mistake. When they realized that I was innocent after they roughed me up, they had to come up with something. In fact the victim testified against the police. They are now being sued for perjury.

I did report the incident, believe it or not, from the hospital. My clearance was never suspended or revoked. The is just this “unresolved incident”.

Thanks Again

I have a similar incident, however the incident in my JPAS record is suspending my access to classified information (I have a Secret clearance). I am working with my SSO and haven’t separated from my sponsor as of yet, however I am looking for another job that requires a public trust. Will this have any negative affect on the public trust process? And how can I speed up the SOR if I haven’t received one yet?

Depending on what the incident was and whether the position is moderate or high risk public trust will determine whether it affects your ability to be found suitable. Some issues resulting in a clearance denial do not affect suitability, and others do.

From what I understand, you need a sponcer to clear up the suspension. If you go down to a public trust, there may not be a need to clear the suspension. I hate to say it but if clearing the suspension does not directly benift your next employer then why should they bother.

On the other hand not eveyone uses JPAS.

But I did go through “there an unresolved incident in JPAS” interview canceled.

In short if you are still employed and you were “in the right” I would not be in a rush to leave.