Recent JPAS Incident

Sorry if its repeated inquiry…

I have one incident report lately on my JPAS " Use of Foreign Passport" while am holding secret clearance !!! I just had this clearance finally adjudicated on Feb 2019 before this incident happened now

Anyway, the company terminated me and it will not sponsor my clearance. Could other companies hire me if I have this incident ? Can it be removed quickly or apply for TS job?

Or Should I forget about it and find something else in life?


So . . . You have been terminated for a serious incident while holding a secret clearance and you’re asking about applying for a TS?

If you want to stay in the cleared environment, I would suggest that you at least consult with a clearance lawyer. I’m not sure what they are going to be able to do for you if your recent employer does not wish to retain you. It can be very difficult to get things like this removed from your JPAS entry. Other companies will see this flag and very likely run the other way.

To your last point, I wouldn’t advise anyone to put all of their eggs in the clearance basket. Sure, you can look for other cleared jobs right now but don’t overlook non-cleared positions as well. These will allow you to get back to work sooner and you can continue to work on the clearance issue if you want.

. . . I’m really holding back here . . .


Are you saying you used the foreign passport, it was then reported in JPASS…and then you used it again? You said you have one incident report before this incident now…what other incident did you have? If you had a major infraction (incident) and then you used the foreign passport…they are saying you are done. You must follow the rules. Period. Like Ed I would recommend working uncleared fora few years and then seeking cleared work. Put 5 to 7 years between you and these situations and you have a chance to be recleared.

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No, I did not use it twice. It was one time thing (one incident) the losers let me go so they don’t have to deal with clearing it out.
I regretted my two years of waiting, getting by, and dropping out school to end up with this silly situation. Screw this job and this industry.

No more government jobs, enough crap

Sound plan.

I’m feeling the same way lately. Lol

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None of this makes sense. Are you a foreigner?

I have dual citizenship.

Usually you can’t get a clearance with dual citizenship

@marwanfrance an IR cannot be removed quickly, it takes years. It sucks but it is what it is.

Some companies will hire you with an IR, some won’t. I worked on several contracts with my IR (same as yours—foreign passport). I even got my TS adjudicated while having the IR.

The main thing to do now is find a new sponsor for your TS. Be upfront about the IR.

Employers will only see a red flag with no explanation on your JPAS. They will have no idea it’s foreign passport related. So, obtain paperwork on your IR to show it’s nothing serious—most places view use of foreign passport as a minor issue once you show them supporting paperwork.

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@marwanfrance by the way, I noticed you posted several times about this. What is the intention here, if you refuse to take advice previously?

What advice ?
I have reported to my genius FSO in writing and on the form, I would NOT risk myself with FOREIGN PASSPORT at first place if I knew any incident in the JPAS is a horrific thing :pensive:
I going to turn in my foreign passport to the embassy, I hope it might help

It makes me look like am a murderer !!!:expressionless:

Hey! Who, exactly do you think that you are? You’re blaming the company? I will absolutely, 100% guarantee that this was discussed with you at some point before or during your employment.

You have shown that you don’t follow the rules. This one is obvious . . . You can’t have a clearance and travel on a foreign passport. It isn’t complicated. It’s very, very, simple.

I don’t really care that you don’t want to work for the government anymore. I don’t think that you should be. I’ve been really nice about this up to this point but, in my view, you never should have cleared without renouncing your foreign citizenship and surrendering your passport. Based on what you have said here, my guess is that you are a citizen of a less than friendly country.

That certainly would have eliminated this incident.


I don’t think this is true. Guideline C - Foreign Preference states:

By itself; the fact that a U.S. citizen is also a citizen of another country is not disqualifying without an objective showing of such conflict or attempt at concealment. The same is true for a U.S. citizen’s exercise of any right or privilege of foreign citizenship and any action to acquire or obtain recognition of a foreign citizenship.

The use of foreign passport outside of US doesn’t appear to be a disqualifying condition (only use of foreign passport when entering and/or leaving U.S.).

@marwanfrance “what advice”

Stop bytching and do what I posted and you’ll be fine. Did you not believe me I got my TS with the same incident report? I too had no idea I couldn’t use the foreign passport.

What are your questions?

marwanfrance decided to act like a child and began ranting on here, that’s why I ask he be banned. Looks like his post was deleted.

So now the way the posts read, it looks like I’m asking EdFarmerlll to be banned but I’m not.


@pawngobbler I see your point.
Yes, I am doing that. I am looking around for a job, and I tell upfront my incident and what exactly happened.

Someone told me: Let me check, no promises. I will keep looking until I land one :smiley:

Thanks a lot

I am not a child :shushing_face: I do not need emotional people to judge my situation. Every relevant information to my post is welcomed, not negative people doubting my patriotism.

I used it once to enter/ exit a foreign country !!! which based on new clearance rules is acceptable. Besides, I used my US passport to entered/ exited United States.

By the way, are you really an investigator ?

I’m not sure what you’re trying to accomplish, aside from hoping everyone else here agrees with you.

I think you’re best off following the advice that was posted earlier in this thread.

This thread is getting exciting!

Those who live in glasses and are not working, shouldn’t throw stones.