DEROG and Adjudication

Alot going on right now and hopefully I hit all the highlights. So my investigation was completed right before December. Im being told by my SSO that my clearance is awaiting adjudication and isnt sure what the timeframe for completion currently is. Several months back I had a derog put onto my file, it was an oversight on my part and the issue was immediately resolved. Regardless, my unit put the derog into JPAS.

Im being told once adjudication is complete this will disappear. Is this true? How long does adjudication take?

Now where it gets interesting. Im retiring from the military this summer and currently applying to contracting jobs. How will this affect me being hired if adjudication isnt complete? I still work at a 3 letter agency daily with my clearance. My Supervisor can vouch for me as well as my Security Representative. I just have a feeling I will be shot down once interested companies look up my info.

Just looking for some insight or opinions from anyone. Thanks!

I was in a similar situation in that I was employed as a contractor but my reinivestigation was pending final adjudication. For a LONG time. I got an interview someplace, they said they could not even see where I had a clearance… all they could see was my old outdated investigation.

But recently I met a guy who successfully changed jobs while in adjudication. So it can be done. Probably easier if you are staying with the same government customer.

As for the derog, I cant remember how that is handled and my knowledge of the subject is ancient anyway. But I think the report of credible derogatory information stays in your file for a certain time (as long as there isnt anything new) and then is removed and that time period is (or was) independent of the investigation/adjudication/etc.


I am very interested in answers to this as well. I am in a similar situation. I currently have a derog awaiting the finish of investigation into the incident (a false DV/Sexual Assault allegation from my ex-wife).

I have a contracting job lined up and the contracting agency looked up my clearance in JPAS, saw my derog and said it might cause an issue with being hired. I expect I will not be able to start work until the derog is cleared up.

During the summer of 2016 I changed sponsors during adjudication. In my case, I wasn’t working for either company and I did not have a current clearance. This was an initial investigation. The first company lost their contract and no longer had a job for me but they didn’t want to release jurisdiction because they knew that the new company wanted to pick me up.

I wish that I knew more about what was done but I know that the FSO at the new employer spent a few hours on the phone with JPAS support who helped them take control of my investigation and get me into their CAGE.

So . . . I know that a sponsor can pick up an investigation without the permission or release from the previous holder. I don’t know if that works in your situation because you are employed in the IC world already . . .

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And that’s a good example of what an experienced, knowledgeable, and motivated FSO can do. But like anyone else, not all FSO’s have all these characteristics… or the ability to spend a lot of time on any given case.


Boom. What she said^

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