Job switch and transfer of security clearance during adjudication

Hi all,

    I have been going through the security clearance process for some time now. To make a long story short, I am currently waiting Adjudication for a DoD contractor.  The contractor had to re-submit for a adjudication decision in March 2020.  While this has been going on I have received and accepted a offer for a new position since it will be a better fit for my career path that also requires a Clearance with DoD.  My question is which is the best way for my new employer to take over the security clearance while waiting for a decision? Do I wait for an adjudication decision from employer sponsoring and then let them know I will not be able to take job? It has been a long process (a whole another story).  I just want the new job to pick up the clearance as easy as possible without waiting more than I already have. Any questions that you might have, I can clarify the best that I can because my case was really unique! Thanks you!

IMO, you’re going to have to wait for the adjudication to play out before you do anything else. Right now, you don’t even have the first job (not to mention the second) actually locked up until that adjudication decision comes in, and neither prospective employer can influence the timing or outcome of that decision. Once you have your active clearance locked down and assigned to a cage code, switching employers and cage codes will be a lot easier.

Thanks for the reply. I forgot to mention the second job is not clearance contingent. They want to fill out a e-qip though I am not sure if that would complicate things for them. Either way I have the second job and really want the clearance to work out in the end. Not sure what the timeline is like with the virus going around.

Good luck, and drop another note to let us know how things go!

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