Two different investigations

20 months ago I submitted an SF86 while i was in the military. I have been out of the military for almost a year and have finally been contacted by an investigator. For some reason the military never closed it out so the DoD contractor I’m going to start working for started another investigation a couple weeks ago because it was just sitting there doing nothing. I was told that the new investigation would be expedited so I was assuming it was an investigator for the new investigation. The investigator who contacted me is from a different state and said she would contact OPM. Could there be any issues with this? The military was the sponsor of the old investigation but I’m no longer in the military. I still require a clearance for my new job though. Can she just ressaign my case to another investigator in my area? Will this slow things down? Should I just talk to the investigator for my new 'expedited" investigation instead? If the other investigator calls what should I say?

This is more common that you think. When the first investigator contacts DoD (through process, not directly), DoD has ten days to decide whether or not you need the clearance. If yes, one of the cases are closed and the investigation continues.

The “old” investigator doesn’t reassign the case directly - the ESI is “returned” to the system and the ESI is assigned to an agent/investigator in your area by the supervisor/workload leader in your area.

Do you have any idea how long it may take for the ESI to be assigned to another BI? It will be around the Minneapolis area.

Sorry, I don’t know that area’s work load.

Thank you for the insight.