Investigation Process

At what point in the investigation does my current employer get contacted? I ask, because I received a call from the investigator who said he would be in the area and was going to stop by my work. He spoke to my supervisor, but not me. Does this mean he doesn’t need to do a subject interview? I am applying for a Secret. I have previously held a TS.

I never was contacted by an investigator for my secret clearance. The investigator may or may not contact you.

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They contacted my Supervisor within days of my information being accepted into Eqip - my interview was about a month after information was accepted. Other than my follow up email every couple months, not a word from anyone thus far. Let’s see, I’m at 365 days as of Oct. 1. I’m at about 430 days since the job was offered to me - this is not a contractor position - Federal employee position, Secret clearance.

Wow, I feel for you. I am guessing you are not former military. I wish you good luck. I felt like getting back my secret was really fast. It took them four months. I am now waiting for my TS. Its been 191 days. I can somewhat relate.

Yes, former USAF, Law Enforcement/K-9, but that was over 25 yrs ago. Am actually a current Federal employee with a Public Trust and have been for the last six years! It’s crazy how slow it is.

Wow, well thank you for serving our country. WOW 365 coming up! Have you tried to talk to your congressman or senators? I would also email them the new law, 10 USC 1564. This should help out prior military. I hope it can help me out.

The way I read 10 USC 1564, is you have to be applying for a DOD position whether it be direct, or as a contractor. The one I have been offered a position with is the State Department.

The state department has its own system and in house way of finding out where your clearance is. I would contact the state department and ask where your clearance is at.

Well - the position I was offered is with DOD SOC (GS position not contractor) so, thinking I meet the quals? I am in adjudications as of July – hoping they make a decision by Oct.

I know they changed adjudication rules on September 8, 2017. I am not sure what the guidelines are. Congrats and good luck!

Received the email yesterday that my clearance has been granted. Took a little less than 4 months total from start to finish.

That’s great news! Congratulations.