When will I hear from an Investigator?

It has been 194 days since I have not heard from an investigator. When do investigators usually reach out?

It all depends on what type of clearance you requested and when the government sends it off to the organization that will do the investigation. How do you know you need to do a interview? Have you checked with your security officer?

I am at 15 months since equip submission for an initial TS as a DoD contractor and have yet to be contacted by an investigator.

I know for a TS/sci they require an interview. When I got back my secret
there was no interview.

Any updates about an investigator contacting you? I am guessing it has been about 18 months now. I would like to know for sanity sakes.

I contacted my congressman by fax in early October. Got a call from an NBIB investigator 24 hours later and met with investigator the next day (My FSO said it was just a coincidence… but I really really doubt it). I met with him for 15 minutes 2 weeks later. He said he spoke to one of my local neighbors. I recently moved to this state so I haven’t heard of much activity from my references in other states. I have only had 2 people (from the same state) say they were contacted. I haven’t heard anything else since. My companies’ security department said I’m still “in process.” Hoping things will wrap up soon. What is your timeline like?

Mar 7, 2017 submit eQuip
May 7, 2017 Investigation opens
May 9, 2017 Credit is pulled
July 6, 2017 granted an interim TS/SCI
Dec 1, 2017 Contacted my senator for help!
NOW the wait…Day 272 and no contacts of mine have been contacted.

Contact by an investigator 24 hours after faxing your Congressman is a coincidence. The assignment process would take longer than overnight, then the investigator would have to print, brief, and work you into their schedule.

I rarely see a Subject the same day I am assigned a case unless they are a catch 'em in CONUS case. I have completed ESIs the same day I contact Subjects, but only because I’ve already prepped the case before calling. I do try to contact my Subjects within one business day after having a case assigned for scheduling purposes.

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How long does it take to transfer? I am not sure what organization you are working for but an investigator from the DC area contacted me. I told the investigator I was in another state and she said he had to transfer my file. Its been about 2 weeks since she transferred my file.

Well, the investigator called today! I set up an appointment to meet with him tomorrow.

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