Clearance question

I’m currently under investigation for my Secret clearance with a DoD contractor. I’ve been waiting for 1 year and 4 months now. I recently accepted another offer with a DoD federal agency requiring Secret and submitted my sf86 2 weeks ago. My questions are, does it start all over? What happens to the current investigation? Does it just transfer since it is DoD?

If an investigation was already in progress then the losing FSO would release jurisdiction and gaining FSO would request ownership of it, so no, you would not have to start all over.

I went through a similar process this past June. My SF86 was originally submitted in July of 2016 and then in June of 2017, my sponsor lost the contact that I was being hired for but the new vendor reached out and grabbed my in process investigation.

I still don’t have clearance but I am getting close and the new sponsor has been working very well with me.

Oh I see, thank you both.

You need to let your security manager know you have an open background investigation from the previous employer.

Also, let any NBIB investigator know that you have two background investigations going - the two cases will be combined if they are both through NBIB. I have seen this situation about once every two years and the agency requesting the second background investigation always seems to be willing for the first agency to pay for the BI.

This also helps NBIB to reduce redundant work.