DOD Clearance Transfer

I was wondering if anyone knows the process for transferring clearance from DOD contractor to DOD government? I never have known the answer and I do not know where to find the information.

Is it reciprocal? Does it require the EQUIP SF86 again or just be subject to general background check?

Yes, you’ll most likely have to submit a new SF86 when going from contractor to government. As long as you state in the SF-86 that you have had a previous investigation and that the clearance is active, there shouldn’t be any problems with reciprocity. They might have to consider new information since your last SF-86, and re-adjudicate based off of it. However, your process should in theory take less time than a new investigation would. However, there are always exceptions.

Thank you! I do not believe I have any new information to report and I just went through reinvestigation and enrolled in continuous evaluation