Got Laid off which Investigation is still Active

If someone can please help me, I applied for SC with DoD in Aug,16. I had interview in June, 17. I also know that they have reached out to my contacts for reference check. So I thought it will be couple of months before I got clearance.
Unfortunately, today I got laid from and soon I will be looking for new job. My questions are:

  1. What will happen to my current Investigation. Will it be terminated?
  2. If I found a job where Secret clearance is required, if my new employer is willing, can they transfer my case?
  3. For a new job do I need to apply for SC all over again?
  4. I will not have my company emails any more. How would I know what is going on with my case? Can I reach out to OPM directly to get status on my case.

My apologies for too many questions but really looking for answers so that I can plan my next move.

Thank You

It depends on how quickly the company notifies DSS to discontinue your background investigation or whether it got done and was waiting for adjudication. If the latter, if you get picked up for another position within 24 months they can review the completed investigation and adjudicate it. If not completed you would have to start from scratch. Go to the NBIB website and follow the instructions for asking for a copy of your investigation. The former company FSO should also have access to seeing of it was done or not.

Thank You, Marko. I am not sure what should be my next step. If I notify my FSO then she will notify DSS to discontinue. I think there will be couple of weeks until she is alerted. I think I am going to wait and reach out to NBIB on my own and see if they have any update. I hope if they any update then they can reach out to me directly.
However, I found out that last person they contacted was on June 16th, given that it’s not even a month, based on your prior experience do you think my background check can be completed in a 3 week and send for Adjudication? Just trying to gauge timeline before I take my next step.

There is no way of knowing at what point the investigation was, only the agency/company that submitted it would have access to that information.