Sponsor Job offer withdrawn due to delay

I accepted a contractor position back in August, dependent on my ability to obtain a clearance. Today I got notified by the contractor they were withdrawing my offer due to my inability to get a clearance in a timely manner. They specifically told me (and I clarified) my clearance had not been denied, it was still in Pending status.

My question is, what happens to my clearance investigation? If I apply somewhere else or to the same company (they said I was welcome to apply to other positions) will they be able to resume the inprogress investigation, or am I completely back to square one?

That depends on if the company notified DSS to discontinue the investigation. If so then the answer is yes. If not and the the case is completed, because you no longer have the position it was done for then it won’t be adjudicated, if a new agency or company picks you up DSS can review the completed investigation and adjudicate it.

Thanks Marko.

Update/question about this: I got clarification on my exact JPAS status, which is listed as “Loss of Jurisdiction”. Does this mean that the investigation is available to be resumed, or would I need to restart from scratch?

It means they did not adjudicate the investigation before you no longer had a need for a clearance. The investigation (if completed)can used by anyone else to review and adjudicate. Go to OPM-FIS website and submit a FOIA request for the investigation.

I figured that was case but wanted to make sure. Most everything I could find about LoJ included unresolved incident reports.

I mailed in my FOIA request today.

Thanks again Marko!