Lost my job, with a open investigation


I need help. I just lost my job last week and I have a open investigation that I got to go in front of a DOHA job, due to the COVID they had to post pone my court date. Question? what will happen if I’m not working and I’m at the last stage trying to get my clearance.

I don’t have a job to keep the clearance I have, and I’m trying to keep the clearance I just was put in for.

I believe clearance investigations are sponsored by the agency which requested the investigation. If you don’t have the job which needed the clearance that agency doesn’t want to keep paying the investigation bill. Unless you can be quickly hired at a location the needs you to have the same clearance and they are willing to take over the sponsorship, I think you are out of luck with the investigation continuing.

Usually when a job is lost during the investigation process a discontinuation is filed to end all investigative effort. The clearance will be recorded as incomplete or something like that.

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Even if the investigation close and not Adjudicated? I received an SOR and got to go in front of a judge.

The only response I said my investigation is open because I got to go in front of the DOHA judge, right not it’s close but not adjudicated.

Also, thank you for your response.

So you want to appear at the hearing. But Corona postponed court? I think right now you fall into an unfortunate void, and one I despise. We are all vulnerable to a situation like this taking away our livelihood and ability to pay the mortgage. I see even more happening as we ramp up CE. Many more will be out beyond 6 years…what we used to call out of scope, but actively working/cleared. If a situation arises (new management…new company takeover…) we can find ourselves at odds with the work situation and they “find” a reason to send you packing. At that point you require a new investigation. Never getting ability just to be heard, go on record to dispute charges…bothers me. But gov clients and companies alike will stand on “in the interests of national security” we removed them from their position.

Definitely bothers me.

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