Two Offers and Two TS Investigations?

I’m currently about half way (hopefully) through TS security clearance processing for DoD job #1, which has strict suitability requirements.
However, job #2, which is similar but not DoD, is expressing interest.

Is it OK to begin another background investigation with job #2? Will job #1 know? Will job #2 request the investigation from job #1? Will this hinder my processing, clearance, and possible EOD with job #1?

I want job #1, but I’m hesitant to rely on an EOD that doesn’t yet exist.

Any investigation initiated for Job #2 will PROBABLY (though not certainly) be stopped once they (the government, not the contractor) find out that an investigation is already open. There may be a few cases where they will go ahead and start their own investigation or even where somebody screws up and starts a new one anyway.

You are very wise to be hesitant… but in this case, Job #2 may have you fill out the forms but then it will stop… not sure if they will get feedback or if the agency will keep that to themselves.

Thanks for the response.
So if job #2 starts the investigation and then stops, will they contact Job #1 and ask for their copy of the investigation so far?
I’m not exactly sure how to proceed given that I want Job #1, but I don’t want to be back to square one if some suitability action occurs six months into processing.

My understanding is that the second investigation will come to a screeching halt and wait for the first one to finish. I stand ready to be corrected :slight_smile:


Do you know if this is the case if they are for different levels of clearance? Say I have an investigation that has just begun for a job requiring public trust, would that have any effect on an investigation for a job requiring TS?

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Good morning. In your case, pretty sure Job #2 would be contacted and told there is already an ongoing investigation of a higher tier and that Job #2’s investigation will be suspended. Then, after the investigation for Job # 1 is completed, DCSA contacts Job #2 and asks if Job #2 still requires the higher background investigation that has been completed. I see this scenario quite often in my job.