Multiple security clearances

I have an interesting case. I applied for a TS job with DHS in January and knowing that it could take a long time to get hired in the mean time I took a job as a federal contractor with the VA. My DHS job had me fill out an e-qip SF 86 and I submitted it today. I have yet to even be given a conditional offer but they wanted me to fill it out before hand. My contractor job has just asked to me fill out an e-qip for a Public Trust. Can both of these be in the system at the same time since they are for two very different “clearances”?

There is a question on the SF-86 specifically about having any other open investigations, you should answer that honestly. And then on the extra spaces at the end provide more detail on the situation.

When I filled out my SF 86 I had not yet gotten an email to start my SF85p my current employer said it will come at some point. So therefore at the time I was not under any active investigations. I have since withdrawn my application for the job with the SF86 and decided to go with the other job. Just wanted to see if a voluntary withdrawal from consideration from a position requiring a TS would affect me at all when it came to a Public Trust. I was never interviewed by the TS sponsoring agency nor given any type of offer. They were trying to expedite me and had me fill it out early but I have decided to go a different route.

Yes, you can have more than one investigation happening at the same time. If you inform the second employer/agency that you have begun an investigation process for another purpose they can look into how far along the first investigation is and for what level you are being investigated. The security offices will decide what to do from there. For example, if #1 is for a Top Secret and #2 is for a secret; #2 may hold off as they can accept the work from #1 since it’s an investigation for a higher level of clearance. If it’s the other way around and the #2 is for a higher level of clearance, they will continue with the investigation. Nothing for you to worry about.

I don’t think this is correct. I had a DHS T4 underway and had to wait for my DOD T3 to PR until my T4 was done.

Language from dod and dhs and our fso was only one could be active at a time.

I can assure you it is possible. I have held 3 different clearances with different agencies over the past 20+ years (including one with DOD).

You can hold multiple sure, but have multiple active investigations?

Yes, not all agencies accept each other’s investigations.